Hello stranger and welcome! 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vojtěch Šplinar (at least that’s what my ID says), but everyone calls me Vojta, which is a common version of this name in Czechia where I come from. Despite living in Prague right now, I was born in the gorgeous spa town Karlovy Vary (Google it and thank me later).

However, many things happened between now and then. I’ve been always fascinated and inspired by the stories of Jack Kerouac and Jack London, as they exemplified this spontaneous approach to life and exploration of distant places, which many of us wish to experience. And as the saying goes… If you want something, go get it. Period.

Things got interesting in 2014 and since then I managed to achieve some of my dreams, met amazing people from all over the world, and experienced many crazy adventures!

My passion for photography and traveling led me to various countries. Including France, Poland, and Ireland, all of which I could call home at some point.

In Ireland, I dusted off my digital marketing skills and gained many new ones while working for some great companies and with bunch of talented people.

Despite not taking as many photos as I used to, by no means I stopped being creative and entrepreneurial. Rather, the opposite! I’m constantly working on my own personal and professional projects, all of which lead to even more amazing adventures!